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Suiti men

The folk group Suitu vīri was founded at the end of 2013. It has 10 members, the leader of the group is Ilga Leimane. The repertoire is different from the songs performed by Suiti women, they practice very little drone singing, mostly Suiti songs. Suitu vīri add to the small number of male folk groups in Latvia, which bring traditional heritage to life in their songs.

Suiti vīri or Suiti men regularly participate in local and Latvia-wide events, the biggest of which were the Baltica international folklore festival.They also starred in the television series Māja pie ezera (House by the Lake).

Current information about the activities of the folk group on Facebook: Suitu vīri

Contacts: Juris Lipsnis, m. +371 26151541, e-mail: