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Activities in 2023

The year 2023 was busy and full of events for the Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation.

In 2023, the Foundation submitted an application for participation in the network of UNESCO-accredited NGOs and in the 18th session of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Intergovernmental Committee, which took place in December 2023 in the Republic of Botswana, the application was positively evaluated and the association was recommended for approval for membership in this network. At the moment, only two other organizations in Latvia have this status, which will give us the opportunity to be more involved in both UNESCO and other international activities and popularize the cultural heritage of the Suiti in Latvia and beyond. More information about NGO opportunities in the UNESCO network here:

At the end of 2023, the implementation of several projects was completed:

The project Support for the activities of the Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation in 2023 co-financed by the State Culture Capital Fund (hereinafter – VKKF). Local research activities have been carried out, metrics and other archival documents of the parishes of the Suiti Catholic Church have been scanned, which are available in: The content of the website has also been updated and information has been prepared, as well as providing accounting, record keeping and public relations services for the association.

An event financed by the LNKC project competition Activities of the Suitu Cultural Heritage Foundation for the preservation and popularization of the cultural heritage of the Suiti in 2023: organization of the event 400 years anniversary of the Šverin rule in the Suiti in cooperation with priest Andris Vasiļevskis and the Alsunga Cultural Center; the reading book for children Legend of the Suiti was created and the 1st round of the project The Book about the Suiti Women Folk Group was implemented.

Small-scale co-operation partnership project of the Erasmus+ program with partners from Sweden and Finland Knowledge transfer on intangible cultural heritage in the region of the Nordic and Baltic countries, implemented until 31.12.2023. The purpose of the project: to increase knowledge and understanding of NKM and its social and cultural significance among various professionals; to strengthen networking and cooperation and exchange of good practices between NMC experts and organizations in the Nordic-Baltic network. The project implemented an expert experience exchange program, a general meeting, informative events, as well as created podcasts or broadcasts (including with the participation of representatives of the Suiti community).

The project Support for the activity of the Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation in 2023, financing of the cultural project competition of the municipality of Kuldīgas region. The project co-finances the association’s administrative expenses, implementing various activities in 2023 – the costs of maintaining the premises in the office building, stationery, fuel, etc.