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Jūrkalne (Feliksberga) school

In Jūrkalne parish, a school near the church already operated in 1875. There was a male and female teacher working there, both with home education. The school was located in the priest’s house and 46 children studied there. There was no municipal parish school in Jūrkalne at that time.

In 1888, the parish school in Jūrkalne was mentioned, which was said to be in a deplorable state. 80 children studied there and only one teacher worked.

In 1892, the school was attended by 46 children (30 boys and 16 girls) and instruction was provided by one teacher with a private tutor’s license. The school premises were in satisfactory condition.

In 1936, a 4-grade elementary school with 3 teachers, where 91 students studied, was operating in Jūrkalne.

In 1991, a new primary school building was built in Jūrkalne.

In 2007, 62 students studied at Jūrkalne elementary school. Of them, 14 were from other municipalities, mainly from Saka and Užava municipal parishes. 12 teachers worked here, including 2 with master’s degrees. The primary school also had two groups of preschool children: 2-4 years old and 5-6 years old with 18 children (2 were not from Jūrkalne parish). Three teachers worked with preschool children.

In Jūrkalne, the school was closed down by the municipality in 2016. The institution taking care of elderly took over the school building.