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Examination reports

Nomination file of the Suiti Cultural Space was reviewed by two examiners: Stiftelsen Radet for folkemusikk og folkedans (Foundation Norwegian Council for Traditional Music and Traditional Dance), expert Mr. Egil Bakka of Norway, and Mr. Christopher Moseley, expert from the United Kingdom. Mr. Egil Bakka presented our application to the Committee meeing in Abu Dhabi.

Examination of nominations (from the Operational Directives):

With a view to their evaluation by the Committee, nominations shall be examined by preferably more than one advisory organization accredited in conformity with Article 9.1 of the Convention. In conformity with Article 8.4, the Committee may invite public or private bodies and/or private persons with recognized competence in the field of intangible cultural heritage, in order to consult them on specific matters. No nomination will be examined by (a) national(s) of the State(s) Party(ies) submitting the nomination.

Examinations shall include assessment of the nomination’s conformity with the inscription criteria.

Each examination shall include assessment of the viability of the element and of the feasibility and sufficiency of the safeguarding plan. It shall also include assessment of the risk of its disappearing, due, inter alia, to the lack of means for safeguarding and protecting it, or to processes of globalization and social or environmental transformation.

The reports of these examinations shall include a recommendation to the Committee to inscribe, or not to inscribe, the nominated element.