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Suiti first names

Study of old church register books enables us to bring to light names of men and women, which have long been out of use or are very rarely used today, but which were more or less popular in the Suiti community many years ago.

Such men’s names include: Gērts, Anša, Atts, Atiņš, Bieranž, Inta, Ants, Bartmejs, Gierts, Šalms, Krists, Lula, Kristops, Bierens, Jannis, Viļums, Mačs, Indriķis, Šimons, Lūķis, Inga, Klāvs, Iernests, Bērtuls, Sanders, Reķis, Jorens and Uldriķis.

Among the names of the Suiti women, that are rarely or not at all used these days, we can mention: Orša, Orte, Tija, Gēda, Ķēršta, Babba, Luša, Madde, Maddaļa, Margieta, Bille, Tāle, Edde, Marence, Mare, Čappa, Jūle, Maše, Dārta and Tīģe.

At the same time, there are quite a few names of women and men who have been able to survive and thrive through centuries and maintain more or less popularity even in our days.

So, for example, in 1774, in the Alšvanga Catholic parish, which at that time covered the entire Suiti country, the following names were given to the baptized 67 Suiti boys: Jēkobs – 13 times, Jānis – 8 times, Andrejs – 7 times, Jannis – 6 times, Pēteris – 5 times, Miķelis, Adams and Toms – 4 times, Mārtiņš – 3 times, Inta, Brencis and Indriķis – 2 times, and Bērtulis, Jorens, Iernests, Anša, Viļums, Kristaps and Reķis – 1 time.

The 81 Latvian girls baptized in the same year were named as follows: Grieta – 13 times, Anna – 11 times, Lize – 9 times, Katte – 7 times, Trīne – 6 times, Maria – 5 times, Mārgieta, Bille and Katrīne – 4 times, Ilze, Ortija and Edde – 3 times, Babba, Madde and Chappa – 2 times, and Ieva, Ķērste and Tāle – 1 time.

Accordingly, the following names of 59 Suiti boys were registered in 1787: Miķelis – 7 times, Ansis and Pēteris – 6 times, Andrejs – 5 times, Toms – 4 times, Jannis, Jānis and Bērtuls – 3 times, Brencis, Jēkobs, Anša, Matīss and Mārtiņš – 2 times, and Mačs, Iernests, Lūķis, Inta, Jorens, Antons, Kristops, Ignatius, Krists, Juris, Indrikis and Reķis – 1 time.

On the other hand, the 95 Suiti girls baptized the same year were given the following names: Trīne and Līze – 11 times, Grieta – 8 times, Anna, Maria and Katte – 7 times, Edde, Ilze, Mārgieta, Ieva, Babbe and Ķērsta – 4 times, Madde – 3 times, Ortija – 2 times, and Tija, Luša, Orte, Chappa and Maddale – 1 time.

For comparison, in 1845, the following names of 110 baptized Suiti boys were registered in the Alšvanga parish: Jānis – 18 times, Krists – 11 times, Andrejs – 10 times, Ādams and Jēkabs – 9 times, Miķelis and Brencis – 8 times, Pēteris – 7 times, Andža – 6 times, Joseps – 5 times, Ansis, Toms and Mārtiņš – 3 times, Inte, Mačs and Reķis – 2 times, and Antons, Jorens, Bertuls and Jurris – 1 time.

And for 108 Suiti girls: Marija – 18 times, Grieta – 17 times, Anna – 15 times, Trīne – 14 times, Mārgiete – 10 times, Līze – 9 times, Katte and Babba – 5 times, Madde, Ilze and Edde – 4 times, Ieva – 2 times, and Katríne and Bille – 1 time.

As you can see, the naming fashion in this region has also changed with the times, however, some names have managed to survive much longer than others. There would be much more to study here in the future.