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The oldest information about a school in Alšvanga has been preserved from 1567, which makes it the oldest known educational institution in the former Kuldīga district. However, after 1634, written information about its activity can no longer be traced.

The next time a school opens in the Land of Suiti is in 1822, when the owner of Biržu manor allocated land and timber to Biržu municipal parish for the construction of a school building. Alshwanga school started its work in 1859. It was followed by Feliksberg (Jūrkalne) in 1875 and Gudenieki in 1883. Between 1871 and 1902, a maritime school also operated in Feliksberg. After the Second World War, schools for a short time also operated in Bērzkalni and Grāveri.

Currently, only the Alsunga primary school operates in this area. Jūrkalne elementary school was closed in 2016, and Basu elementary school in 2017. The construction of the new Alsunga secondary school building was completed in 1986. However, the secondary school was closed in 2021. Preschool education is provided by the Alsunga kindergarten Miķelītis. The kindergarten building was built in 1979. Since 1977, a music school has been operating in Alsunga, and later also a music and art school. In the following sub-sections you can read more about education history in different parts of our Land.