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Gudenieki school

The first school in Gudenieki started operating in 1883. A purpose built new Gudenieki 6-grade elementary school building was built in 1935. After its opening, more than 100 students studied and several teachers worked there.

The Gudenieku 8-grade primary school operated until the mid-1970s, when it was transformed into a boarding school, which, in turn, was moved to Pelči in the early 1980s. The old school building is now abandoned and slowly falling apart.

In 1989, it was one more attempt to restart Gudenieki school, first as a two- class branch of the Alsunga secondary school, and from 1992 as Gudenieki 4-class primary school. It existed as such until its closure in 2002. In its last years, Gudenieki primary school had around 20 students and 4 teachers.

The kindergarten in Gudenieki existed until the second half of the 90s.