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Activities in 2021

SCCF co-financed project Support for the activity of the Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation in 2021: Suiti local history and storytelling activities, 12 regional research expeditions were organized among the Suiti both in the Suiti district and outside it (Kuldīga, Aizpute, etc.), visiting the older generation of Suiti and recording their stories about the history, culture, everyday life in the Suiti district, etc., updating the content of the website, preparing and posting information on the website, ensuring public relations – renewed and updated information about the society’s activities on the website, prepared publications and press releases for the media, etc.

Erasmus+ Program Strategic Partnerships project with partners from Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Slovakia One voice-many stories; storytelling as a vehicle for social inclusion and active citizenship, which will be implemented until 31.08.2023. In this project, the association learns examples of good practice and methods for the implementation of storytelling activities in different countries from cooperation partners.

European Union Funds Action Program Growth and Employment No. Support for reducing early school leaving project Suiti youth can! in a joint expedition to the ancient Suiti pilgrimage site Žemaiču Kalvārija in Lithuania.

SCCF co-financed project 4. Latvian bagpipers’ gathering in Suiti region. The gathering has been taking place since 2018 and gathers around 20-25 bagpipe enthusiasts from all over Latvia to increase their knowledge of bagpipe playing and making the instrument under the guidance of experts, as well as to give concerts together in the Suiti region.

Suiti Crafts Days project co-financed by the Kurzeme cultural program of SCCF. For the first time in Alsunga, in cooperation with the association Suitu amatnieki, the days of Suiti crafts were organized – an event in which Suiti craftsmen organized 12 different workshops in Alsunga for two days, as well as an exhibition of works created by workshop managers and participants.

LNCC-funded project Measures for strengthening and popularizing the cultural space of the Suits:

Events for the promotion of traditional drum making and playing – workshops for making stump drums and mesh drums, bagpipe playing master classes with musician Mārtiņš Miļevskis, preparation of a program for a small concert together with the group Suitu dūdenieki;

Production of the Suiti games – development of the content of the game Suiti paper dolls (artist Andris Vasilevskis), booklet printing 50 copies.

SCCF co-financed project Participation of the Suiti delegation in the Giorgi Garaqanidze Folk and Church Music Festival in Georgia, in which the Suiti delegation and ethnomusicologist Zane Šmite participated both in the scientific conference of the festival to introduce the conference participants to the diversity of the Suiti and Latvian traditional culture, as well as in the festival’s concerts and other events, thus promoting the promotion of the Suiti and Latvian culture.

Participation in the co-operation network on intangible cultural heritage of the Nordic and Baltic countries ( In 2021/2022, within the framework of the co-operation network, a project financed by the Nordic Culture Point program was implemented to promote co-operation activities, in which several webinars are organized on topics related to the preservation and promotion of NMK, improved publicity about the intangible cultural heritage and examples of good practice of the members of the network, as well as implemented events for the exchange of experience of employees of organizations. Members of the association’s board, Māra Rozentāle and Juris Lipsnis, participated in the following exchange of experience events to Kihnu Island in Estonia and Sweden in the exchange of experience with non-governmental organizations.

Alsunga Municipality project competition We – for Alsunga! the project Improving the visual image of the windows of the building of Alsunga Castle. The project improved the visual appearance of the building of the Alsunga Castle by creating and installing printed banners in the windows of the castle.

Participation in the preparation of the UNESCO report. In cooperation with the association Ethnic culture center “Suiti” the organisation was involved in the preparation of a periodic UNESCO report, giving an overview of the activities organized by the association in the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Suiti, within the framework of the plan to safeguard the Suiti Cultural Space.