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Suiti flag

Suiti flag is a relatively new creation. It was designed by members of Suitu novads Foundation in 2007 as a measure to boost self-awareness of the Suiti community. The design is based on the red and white colours of the official flag of the Duchy of Courland. Historically Suiti were part of the Duchy and between 1738 and 1795 the whole region was property of the Duke’s family.

As the identity of the Suiti for almost 400 years has been based on stubborn adherence to the Catholic church, the original flag of Courland was supplemented with the oldest known cross from the bell tower of Alsunga church, in grey colour.

The red, white and grey also go well together with the colours of the coat of arms of von Schwerin family which owned this region between 1574 and 1738. It was Johan Ulrich von Schwerin, who re-introduced Catholic religion and by doing this made foundation for the unique identity of the Suiti community.

The flag was for the first time publicly used during the Suiti protest activieties near Latvian government building in Riga in September 4, 2007.