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Suiti Parliament

Suiti Parliament is a legally unregistered representative body of the Suiti community. Ir was established in 2020 and its members are elected from among the Suiti identity card holders. The purpose of the Parliament is to represent interests of Suiti identity card holders in Latvia and internationally, to lobby them and to ensure the conditions for the existence and development of the Suiti community in the future. The number of members of the Suiti Parliament is variable. If it is not necessary to meet more often, the parliament holds its sessions once a month.

In the autumn of 2019, the Suiti Cultural Heritage foundation started issuing Suiti identity cards. Anyone from the age of 16, who is ready to fill out the application form, certifying in writing that they belong to the Suiti community, can obtain the card. It was necessary to take such a step in order to formalize the community, thus forming a representative body to stand up for its interests.

The main directions of activity for the Suiti Parliament are communication with UNESCO, providing opinion on the plans for safeguarding the Suiti Cultural Space drawn up by the Latvian government and their progress reports, communication with state administration institutions, political parties and mass media.

Speaker of the Parliament: Grigorijs Rozentals, tel: +371 29196396
Deputy Speaker of the Parliament: Juris Lipsnis, tel: +371 26151541