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Maģie suiti of Jūrkalne

Jūrkalne’s folk group or ethnographic ensemble performed for the first time in the summer of 1959, in Pope, at the collective farmers festival and was led by the head of the local cultural center, Marija Liepa. She was also a Suiti singer herself. Later, Austra Cepeļevska took over the folk group, but since 2000 it has been led by Ilga Leimane.

The Maģie suiti are people of the sea, so their repertoire includes many ancient songs about the sea in addition to household songs. Their repertoire includes many songs sung by the Jūrkalne Lāči family; Emils Melngailis wrote down the songs of the father Krists Lācis already in 1924, but later many songs were also written down by Krist’s children – Marija and Augusts.

Singers usually sing at Ventspils district folk art festivals. They have also participated in international folklore festivals Baltica.