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  1. Bread should never be placed on the table with the cut side facing the door. Thus driving away the blessing.
  2. When sweeping the room, you should never sweep the dust over threshold. If you sweep over the threshold, you close Laima’s (goddess of fortune and happiness) eyes, which is lying on the threshold, and it will go to live elsewhere.
  3. When you take bread out of the oven, put some wood into the oven, because it is like a bridge over the fire of purification to heaven.
  4. When you take bread out of the oven, you need to put wood in the oven so that you never run out of something to bake. If you don’t do it, then others will remind you saying: empty, like the throat of an envious person.
  5. When the child is born, it should be wrapped in a man’s shirt or pants. If there is a girl, then there she will have a lot of approval from men and will get married early.
  6. When a child is brought to be baptized, tie into his or her clothes pages of a book, bread, money and other things that are more necessary in life, so that the child can learn and be wealthy in his life.
  7. On the eve before Easter, you cannot go to the sauna to bathe after sunset – whoever bathes then is bathed in the blood of Christ.
  8. During the great fast, no stranger is allowed into the stable, because then you can conjure up all kinds of ailments and misfortunes.
  9. With those containers used for milk, you should never draw water, because then you spoil the milk and it is not good cream.
  10. On the morning of Good Friday, before the sun rises, you should bathe in a stream that flows towards the sun, because then all kinds of ailments, such as ulcers and other diseases, will disappear.
  11. On New Year’s Eve, the girls should go to the stable to catch sheep (of course, in darkness). If you catch a ram, you will get a husband in the next year, if you catch a sheep, you will stay alone.
  12. Girls should bring firewood into the room on New Year’s Eve. Then count the pieces. If a couple of pieces of firewood come out, then they will get married next year, if there is no couple, then they will stay for another year alone.
  13. On New Year’s Eve, girls should sit on a piece of a tree and ride three times around the pigsty. Then they should knock on the door and ask: Good evening, mother pig, how many years will I go to work? How many times the pig snarls, that is the number of years an unmarried woman will still have to go to work.
  14. Newlyweds remember, after marriage in whose family first comes such events as wedding, funeral, christening or some other kind of important event, that will die first.
  15. When newlyweds come home from the church, the bride will make sure that the groom does not sit on any of the bride’s clothing (such as a dress or a veil) – if this happens, then the husband will be the wife’s ruler for the rest of his life.
  16. When going to church to get married, if you have to cross a bridge, throw a piece of money over the horse’s head on the bridge – thus offering to the spirit of water and asking for a blessing.
  17. When you leave the church, give the new couple bread with honey to live happily ever after.
  18. Whoever brings the child to be baptized, as well as the godparents, on the morning when the child is baptized, must do everything quickly and thoughtfully, so that the child is also thoughtful.
  19. When a child is born and he is dressed for the first time, you should not put his or her left hand in the shirt first, because then when a person grows up, he or she does all the work with his left hand.
  20. Godmother in the morning when she will bring a girl to church to be baptized, has to look at the articles of her dowry. So that the girl would grow up hardworking and diligent.
  21. Pregnant women should never drink from a stream, because then children are said to become big drinkers.
  22. Some people constantly sweat while eating. This is because mother took a spoon over the child while holding and feeding a small child in her lap. You should never do this – it is better to take the spoon around.
  23. On which day the first snow falls, on that day potatoes should be planted next spring. Then worms will not eat them (because it often happens that such red worms eat potatoes).
  24. Old cattle usually have very hard meat, which cannot be boiled soft, therefore old people say that when slaughtering old cattle, the head should be turned to the south, then the meat can be quickly boiled soft.
  25. You need to slaughter livestock during the full moon, because then, when boiled or fried, the meat gets bigger. If you slaughter in an empty or waning month, then the meat shrinks and remains very little.
  26. In the summer, junipers are often withering. Then you look at how it is withering – if it happens from the ends of the branches, then children will die that year, if in the middle – then middle-aged people will die. But if it is forged from below, then old people will die.
  27. When you give milk to another person, you need to throw in some salt so that the cream is not spoiled (by magic).
  28. You should not carry milk over a road crossing, because then the spirits can be charmed away.
  29. You cannot give any property to another person on Good Friday – then the witches can conjure all the property away.
  30. Pastalas (simple shoes) should be hung when not in use. If you leave them on the floor just like that, then the devil drives with them at night.
  31. When your trip has been finished, the sled must be tipped over, otherwise the devil will ride with it.
  32. Do not leave oven empty when you take out bread. It is necessary to put some firewood inside. If you leave it empty, then when you die, your mouth stays open.
  33. A loaf of bread cannot be placed with the cut side facing the door. Then the bread runs away and there is hunger.
  34. A husband (or boyfriend) cannot be allowed to eat with two knives (eat with one and then take the other), then the husband lives with two wives.
  35. Do not step over the dog. Whoever does this is said to be a lazy person.
  36. When baking bread, you should not heat your butt near the oven, the bread loaves will burst.
  37. An empty child’s cradle should not be rocked, then the child will have a headache.
  38. A pregnant woman must not pee in a pig’s den, then the child will have hair.
  39. When the bread is kneaded, it should be smoothed well. Then the future husband will have round, smooth horses.
  40. When you buy piglets and you want to ensure that no one can cast any spell, you need to put a stone in each of the four corners of the pen, in which the piglets will be placed. And only then let the piglets inside.
  41. If the piglet turns out to be bewitched and doesn’t want to eat well, then you need to grab it by its hind legs and pull it backwards through your legs. Then the spell will end and the piglet will be healthy.
  42. If you want to cut a tree so that offshoots do not grow, then you should cut it so that when it falls, the top is towards the north.
  43. It is usually said that magpie brings news, and the belief from the ancestors is as follows – If the magpie jumps on the top of the trees, then there will be some happy news, but if it jumps on branches a the bottom of a tree, then sad news are expected.
  44. At baptisms, when returning from the church and eating the first meal, the godfather and godmother should sit close together so that the goddaughter has beautiful, thick teeth. If they sit far from each other, then the goddaughter will have lose teeth.
  45. On the holy evening of Saturday, you must not sew or mend anything from the harnesses of the horses, then the horses’ necks become raw (bruised).
  46. When the last hay is taken from the haystacks in the meadow, then a stick of birch or some other tree should be stuck in place of the stack, so that in the next year long grass will again grow in the meadow.
  47. In the spring, so that hawks do not fly into the homestead and catch chickens, on Good Friday morning, you should take an old pastala (simple shoe) by the tying ropes and drag it to the forest. The other should take a stick and drive (beat) pastala saying: To the forest, to the forest! Then leave it in the forest to rot. Then hawks will not fly into your garden.
  48. When you go to the forest to pick berries, in order not to see grass snakes, sprinkle your feet and eyes with water blessed on Easter. Then you will not not see them and they will not bite you.
  49. When you go into the forest so as not to see grass snakes, you stand at the edge of the forest and ask: Do you have salt with you? The other asks: What will be done with the salt? The first answers: Grass snakes will be boiled. Then the grass snakes will get scared and will not show up that day.
  50. In order not to see grass snakes or any other poisonous creatures in the summer, one must not talk about them or mention them during Lent.
  51. When kneading the dough for bread, you have to swear hard, then the dough will rise better.