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Both ends alive, middle dead. (man, horse and plow)
A bear is sitting on a hill, in iron shoes. (plough with plowshares)
A man walks down the road, his teeth back. (a man has an ax on his shoulder)
A bear is sitting, his intestines are moving. (room full of people)
A small little pond, footbridge in the middle. (brooch)
A rooster crouches on a perch, sausages hang. (clock)
Who is born twice? (bird)
The father is not yet born, the son is already on the roof. (fire and smoke)
I am 40 years old. I celebrate my birthday every year, I haven’t missed anyone, but I’ve only celebrated 30, but not 40. On what date and month was I born? (February 29)
A big, long father’s belt, you can’t step over it, you can’t go around it. (road)
Big, long father’s belt, can not be folded in the pocket. (road)
Two sisters bathe in milk. (sled runners)
The big one chases the little one, but can’t catch up. (windmill wings)
Four sisters, can’t catch up with each other. (cart wheels)
The naked, the curvy hangs, the woolly stares. (sausages are drying, the cat is whining)
Little, little man, fire in the heart. (petroleum lamp)
Serves others, spends oneself. (candle)
Who bites me, hurts his teeth. (nut)
Where does a rabit go when it’s a year old? (into the second year)
Why does a rabit run over the hill? (because it can’t run through the hill)
When does a rabbit have the most holes under its belly? (when running over stubble)
It bites others, it screams itself. (saw)
A big house in the middle of the forest, full of good workers. (ant hill)
Which people have lived without birth? (Adam and Eve)
In which month do people eat the least? (28-29 days in February)
A man walks down the road with a wheel on his back. (Dog)
The older the hen, the sharper the claws. (old broom)
Who beats without hands, walks without legs and points without fingers? (clock)
White rooster, red wings, golden beak. (church, roof, cross)
Shorter than grass, taller than forest. (road)